The Smell of Rain Reminds me of You

A 10 minute flashmob, an unrehearsed performance, 100 people, listening to the rain.

The Smell of Rain Reminds Me of You, by Hannah Nicklin, happened in the pouring sunshine at 5PM, Saturday 17th of July, in Piccadilly Gardens, in Manchester.

The piece was part of Hazard MMX, on behalf of Larkin' About. It began as which collected stories of kissing in the rain, and though written, narrated, and edited by Hannah Nicklin was ostensibly a collaboration with the denizens of the interwebs. For the full credits, please see the bottom of the page.

Click here to look at the full flickr set of the event.

"I overheard one of the other participants describing it as one of the most peaceful things they’d ever undergone." - Sam Evaskitas

"It was a perfect blend of anticipation, mystery, cohesion, anonymity, observation, reminiscence, poignant melancholy, beauty and tranquility." - a facebook comment

"Some lovely moments of reflection - about our relationship to transient, ambient 'non-spaces', especially as we grow older" @thederminator

If you enjoyed or were interested in The Smell of Rain Reminds Me of You, follow @umbrellaproject on Twitter for updates on similar future work. You can also read my reflections on the process of putting this piece together, and download the track that was used from this blog post.

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